Gerontological Nurse




The Benefits of Working with a Gerontological Nurse

Whether your loved one lives alone, with family, or in a retirement community, working with a nurse who specializes in the care of older adults can be a great help to any family with aging loved ones.  

A Gerontological nurse focuses on the care of seniors and is educated to understand the varied health needs of older adults which can change and evolve and present themselves quite differently than with other age groups.  Gerontological Nurses provide comprehensive assessments and treat the complex physical and mental health needs of older adults. They promote overall health and wellbeing and address determinants of health such as the social and economic environment, the physical environment and the person’s individual characteristics and behaviors. The Gerontological Nurse works directly with older persons and their families, linking them to needed services. 

This level of training and insight gives our clients families peace of mind that their loved ones’ care is always relevant to their needs.