Well, here we are entering into September already – The gateway to fall. I know we say this every year, but “Where did summer go?”.

Only a few weeks ago we visited all of our day program members in person. It was not only a joy to see all of our friend’s smiling faces again, but so heartwarming to hear that they are all eager to come back to the program. Turns out they missed us as much as we have missed them!

That being said, with stage 3 of re-openings now being upon us, we have been working hard to get all of our new protocols and equipment in place for a safe re-opening on September 14th!

As you may recall, last month we continued our virtual programs focusing on brain health by offering free Fit Minds® Stay Sharp sessions as our virtual program every Wednesday. This program was a hit once again!. It has been great to be able to offer these programs during these uncertain times where folks are not able to get out and enjoy such a program in the community and we are happy to say that they will continue! Stay tuned for more information on exciting new offerings that we will be able to bring to the community soon!

And lastly, on the Home Healthcare side of things we continue to see a surge of new clients coming on as people settle in to a new sense of normal and family caregivers return to work. We are always excited to be able to offer new features to our clients and their families. Over the summer, we introduced the “Family Room” feature to allow family members to be able to monitor their loved ones’ care and view charting from the comfort of their own living room. This fall we are excited to be training in Teepa Snow’s Positive Approaches to Care (PAC) program. The PAC program is quickly becoming recognized as a leader in Dementia care and we are happy to be onboard with it. This is a significant investment in the training of our staff and we are confident it will be invaluable in setting the Memories+ Home Healthcare team apart as a leader in dementia care techniques and strategies.


Welcome August! – National Wellness Month.  During the month of August we focus on self care and promoting healthy routines.  Research has shown that proper self care helps manage stress and promotes happiness, and of course we all want to be happy!. 

Last month we changed gears and started focusing specifically on brain health over the summer by offering free Fit Minds® Stay Sharp sessions as our virtual program each Wednesday in July.  As this has been such a popular program, we had to put some folks on a waiting list, so for this reason we have decided to extend the Fit Minds® virtual programs for the month of August as well.  Be sure to contact us if you would like to register for a free 4 week Zoom session for the month of August.

These Fit Minds® sessions are a great method of self care to ensure that you keep your brain in top form, and the Stay Sharp program is especially geared for those who do not have a cognitive impairment but are interested in keeping their brain health in top form – Great for those who may be caring for a loved one.   

Based on recent numbers, it looks like the people of Ontario have done a great job at keeping COVID-19 at bay, and as restrictions slowly start to lift, we are excited to start to see our friends once more.  With York Region entering stage 3, we plan for a carefully re-opening of our day program.   As the health and well-being of our members is always a top priority, we will be reaching out to our members to ensure that you are comfortable returning with appropriate measures in place.  Planned re-opening of our program centre is SEPTEMBER 14th, 2020.

As we start to reconnect in person again, we need to remember that we are still not completely out of this, and continue to follow COVID-19 safe practice guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety.  

Stay safe, Stay strong, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

UPDATE: JULY 01, 2020

Well, here we are entering into July, and as a Canadian company we are proud to say Happy Canada Day!  July is one of the hottest months of the year, and we are still keeping our distance but we are starting to get a feel for the new sense of normal.  Although our day program is still not able to open in the latest phase of re-openings, we continue to keep connected with our friends through virtual sessions.  In addition to the regular Thursday sessions with our members, last month we had many great Tuesday sessions for community members with exciting topics that were very well received.  

As Summer is now upon us, we find that attendance drops as many of you are starting to get away with family, so for the month of July we will be putting a hold on our member sessions and start hosting weekly sessions on Wednesdays for family caregivers and community members. Our focus for the month will be on Brain health.  Using the Fit Minds® programs for many years now, we understand the importance of keeping your brain in top form as we age, and this is especially important if you are caring for a loved one.  

Our Home Healthcare team continues to provide essential care services for those staying in their own home, and we are happy to say that we are now starting to see those in retirement residences once again.  We introduced our Family Room feature last month, allowing family members to stay connected and be involved in their family member’s care, and this has been a huge hit with families, especially in these difficult times when they may be unable to visit. 

With recent lifting of restrictions, we are excited to reconnect and will be starting to do some road trips to visit with some of our friends that we haven’t seen in a while.  We will be putting some healthy living “care packages” together for those who are interested. 

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

UPDATE: JUNE 01, 2020

Welcome June – Opening the gateway into Summer.  This is a glorious time of year, and this year it also marks a milestone as many businesses begin to re-open after nearly 3 months of shut down due to a virus that has changed all of our lives forever.  As we start get back to a sense of normal – A new normal, we reflect on the first half of this year and all that has happened during these unprecedented times.

Our Memories+ Adult Program centre remains closed at this time but our staff have been running virtual programs for several weeks now with wonderful results.  On Thursdays our day program members can connect, share a few laughs and exercise their minds with some stimulating brain teasers, and on Tuesdays we open the program for all to attend!   It is always great to see some of our old friends, and of course we love to meet new ones.  We are always trying to keep the content fresh and exciting and hope that you can join us – If you are interested, please let us know and Lisa will be happy to send you a link to “Zoom in”.

Of course our Memories+ Home Healthcare team continues to serve our in-home clients as usual providing essential services and keeping our friends safe in the comfort of their own homes.  We know it is often difficult for families to visit their loved ones during these times and for this reason we are excited to roll out a new feature called “The Family Room” for our homecare client’s family members to follow their loved ones care on-line, anytime.  This wonderful new feature is free of charge to our clients and just another way that we can help you to stay connected with your loved one’s care services.  Please reach out and let us know if you are interested in getting set up in “The Family Room.”

Stay safe, and we hope to see you soon!

Harvey Dix

Executive Director, Memories+ Group

UPDATE: MAY 01, 2020

As we welcome spring we reflect on changes, and since the arrival of COVID-19 several weeks ago now, we have certainly seen many changes. It has impacted our way of life in many ways – The way our staff works together, our day-to-day activities, how we connect with friends and family, even how we get our groceries.  

In these challenging times, there are a few things that have NOT changed here at Memories+, like how much we care for our friends, and how determined we are to help those who need us the most.  

For many of our home healthcare clients, it is “business as usual” as they continue to receive the highest standards of essential services in the comfort of their own homes. The biggest difference that they might notice is the general appearance of our staff as we adhere to strict PPE guidelines to ensure the safety of both our clients and our front-line team members during this outbreak.    

Our day program continues to be closed physically, but we have been connecting with our friends via telephone and video link technology. We recently have started regular Thursday Virtual program sessions for our day program members, and have opened this up on Tuesdays to include community partners and anyone interested in joining in. It is great to reconnect with some familiar faces, and even see some new ones during these sessions. 

Information is included in the Upcoming Events section of our website on upcoming topics for our Virtual program sessions. We hope that you can join us for some of these sessions and look forward to seeing you again soon. 

Keep your friends and family close in heart and be sure to continue to follow guidelines to stay in and stay safe. Together we will get through this, stronger than ever.

UPDATE:  APRIL 02, 2020

During these difficult times, we urge all of our clients to stay home and stay safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Our Adult day program will remain closed until the virus has passed and it is safe to return to a more normal way of life.

As a provider of essential in-home services, we take every precaution to ensure that our clients and our staff are protected from the spread of COVID-19.  We have ensured that all of our care team members have been supplied with proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and training materials and follow screening guidelines as set out by Public health Ontario.  

Our frontline caregivers are everyday heroes and continue to provide care services to our clients in their own homes, no matter what their needs are.  Our clients can rest assured that we take every precaution to ensure that staying in and receiving services is the safest possible solution to their care needs.

In addition to all of our regular in-home care services, we are also able to provide our clients with many other specific services that can help during these times:

  • Medication delivery
  • Assistance with online shopping and coordinating delivery
  • Sanitizing surfaces in your home
  • Washing groceries and ensuring fresh meal preparation
  • Companionship and in-home recreational activities 

Please don’t hesitate to call if you or a loved one would benefit from any of these services helping them to remain safe and comfortable in their home.

Stay in, and Stay Well.

UPDATE: March 17, 2020

Dear valued Clients and Partners,

We recognize that with the constantly changing COVID-19 situation around the world, this is an unprecedented time for everyone — a time that, for many, is filled with uncertainty. 

Based on the publicly stated guidance from multiple public health authorities, including recent government directives and the escalating concerns of community spread, Memories+ will be temporarily suspending our day program. 

*Effective Wednesday March 18th our Adult Day Program services will be suspended until further notice*. 

Although we have put strict precautions in place at our day program to ensure the safety of our staff and members, we feel this is simply the right thing to do at this time to minimize the risk of spread of this virus. 

If you feel that you or your loved one could benefit from in-home services, please feel free to call us and we would be happy to help. 

Please note that our in-home healthcare services are essential to many of our clients and we will continue to provide these services to all of our clients at this time. 

We realize that many facilities have, or will be implementing strict protocols regarding visitors, and we will of course respect these specific protocols going forward.  

Our priority is always to ensure the safety of both our clients and our staff while providing our clients with the best possible care.  We will continue to ensure this is the case as we move through these uncertain times and may be introducing new policies as we learn more about best practices to keep everyone safe.  

Don’t hesitate to call us directly at any time if you have any questions or experience any of the following symptoms (Fever, Cough, Difficulty breathing) so that we may provide advise as required.

Please be sure to practice healthy living choices and we look forward to speaking with you soon with further updates.



Harvey Dix                         Anna Malfara

Executive Director           Director of Care

T: 905-898-4320                T: 905-270-2524